Friday, April 21, 2006

Visit To My Podiatrist

And Other Mind Trips

Words I thought I’d never say: My podiatrist! Shitfire. I had a visit to my podiatrist Thursday and he gave me a prescription for a different medication for my neuropathy since the first choice hadn’t worked at all. And more, I'm starting to get it in my fingers, too! This new medication was more expensive, but not the most expensive. One is worse, he said. I thought therefore that the middle-priced one would be a moderate amount, but it was going to be a hundred bucks a month (my most expensive medicine!) if I got it locally, I found out. Jesus! Maybe I wouldn’t take that medicine! Fortunately, I find it’s available through my RxOutreach prescription plan for a pittance, which is more in line with my income. All you have to do to get on their plan is to be poor, and I qualified for that! The pity is that some of us don’t qualify for that even when we think we do. Some plans claim that I am not poor. How can there be such different opinions! But I stand emboldened by the fact that America is pissing away my health-care dollars to make democracy safe for Iraqis and Iranians, whether whole or fragmented by IED's. Not to mention, for the lawyers of drug cartels all around the planet! Freedom, freedom! It’s great stuff.

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