Monday, April 03, 2006

J Ladies

This is post #693.

My post a couple of days ago reminded me of what a sap I often am, however unconsciously, for ladies whose names begin with J. I just LOVE the little girl in this poem, as well as the young girl in the old movie, “Portrait of Jenny”, that starred Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton! It was a mostly black and white movie that changed to color when the artist had completed his portrait of Jenny.

But that’s just art. In real life, I’ve been connected intimately (I’m mostly talking intimacy, not sex!) with a host of J Ladies—Jeanne and Jill and Joan and Judy and Janice and others! Maybe it’s a total accident of names, I don’t know. Then again, my mother’s name begins with J, and I am not exactly privy to that explanation, if it is one! I only know no other letter of the alphabet is so well represented in either the frequency or the longevity of my acquaintances. I long ago was dumped by (or else I dumped) all the more short-term A women, B girls, and C misses.

Maybe it’s only half-interesting, but it’s Weird, I think.

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