Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rehash Of A Sweet Old Poem


April is the haven for undefined criminals—
It is my season
And the season of guppies.

So listen and forget your small ambitions
And bring such mirthless tools as can destroy us—
Come, we will burn them in our hearts.

Come, and we will light the darkless heavens
Though Death shall rule a universe.
What songs I sing, let them be yours—
We are more close than distant,
Though we cannot say it.

Your world is adrift in the snowy deep,
And likely I cannot save it—
But you, my friend,
Come, step from your dragon’s lair,
Among lilacs and lilies.

Daisies shall all our springtime be
Beneath the butterfly’s wing
And among the ageing rocks.

Let us draw maps
To where we dare to go,
And then be fools and dare to go;

Let us write songs
We dare not sing
And then be fools and dare the universe to sing.

Let no man impeach the sand
Or dance in a dreamer’s trance—
If I must speak from an apple box,
I will speak to no one.

Rash conclusions let us draw deliberately
As a dreamer may choose to sleep—
Here I may love you
Because I love you
And my heart beats for you by choice.

Here among guppies,
I will honor you
And our sea shall be calm
Though all around us concentric circles intersect
With an indiscriminate splash.

3rd draft: 04/29/06
©1966 Ronald C. Southern

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