Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Great Icon!

Blog Logo And Title

When I "created" my blog about three years ago, I barely knew what one was and I was unconvinced that it was anything of any great merit. I had only recently gotten my "Southern Exposure" web site going and I figured the Exposure would be hard enough to fill up. Of course, I was right and do not attempt to fill it any more! There’s enough work over here with the blog!

Anyway, when Blogger asked me for a blog title, I wrote in the first thing that came to mind. My pest control experience suggested "rat", though I have never gone by that nickname anywhere or at any time. Even when I was in the business, I was more often referred to as The Bug Man by other workers. Long ago, Austin street vendors referred to me as The Belt Man because of my leatherwork. I guess I always go into “B” businesses—belts, bugs, blogs! Can Bananas be far behind?

When I never changed the blog title, I was stuck with it and therefore stuck with one or another of the various illustrations I’ve used so far. Some, maybe most, of my readers at one time or another has probably assumed that the rat who "squeaks" is me, but I have not yet come to identity to that extent with the appellation. It is AS IF a rat squeaked, just as when I write a poem from the perspective of being a woman, I am still not a woman, you know! So, the rat is just an icon. It sticks, nonetheless.

I wonder if I’ll hear from other Bloggers who are as ambiguous about their own titles or logos? Most bloggers say little about all this, regardless of how much one might think they would. I think many bloggers still don’t know what they’re going to be when they grow up—and I know some fairly "mature" ones!

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