Saturday, July 31, 2004

Trivial Notes About Judy Garland Blues

Some of you may not give two fart-bubbles in a bathtub about poetry in general or about my poetry blog in particular. If you do sometimes like my poetry blog, Judy Garland Blues, then this post is for you. Short, but for you. Are you short? Never mind, you don’t have to be. Trust me, I’m never wrong.

I have long resisted putting Comments on jgblues just because I’m cranky and I figured you could leave comments on The Rat Squeaks. My reasoning may have been faulty, though. I don’t know why, but hardly anyone has ever done so. Many people are extraordinarily lazy and may only do what’s easy. This might help them, if there is anyone reading jgblues, something that I cannot really prove. In any case, I’ll never know until I try it. So, for those of you with Commenting in your blood, but who are too out of breath or too dignified to hopscotch among the blogs, you can now leave a comment directly on the poetry blog.

There are some illogical drawbacks to this Blogger-brand system of comments I’m adding to Judy Garland Blues. The main advantage is to me—it notifies me via email when someone leaves a new comment. If this works, I may later change the comments on this blog. It’s getting to where I have too many posts to keep checking back to see if some new reader has left a message for me on an old post. Yet I want my messages!

See what I mean? Big deal, right? Utterly trivial. And not so short, either. I didn't want you to know this, but I am frequently wrong.

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