Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Welcome to Yahooey

I woke up yesterday morning and my Yahoo was working again. Hallelujah! It was no longer taking 10, 20, 30 minutes per page change. It was no longer only half-loading the pages that did come up-it was leaving out all color and images. Text only took forever to load and whatever link you clicked also took forever. It was a horrorshow of protracted inactivity, yet the few Yahooers I contacted claimed their Yahoo was working okay. It's so great being singled out. It's not as bad as being sick or injured, of course. Still, those of us with the propensity for it can get really Mad about so much crap!

While I was lost in the desert and searching for salvation, I received "help" from one of my more recent Internet friends, an overqualified loon with a blog called Changes in the Glass. Peter commented on my blog that he had a phone number AND an email address for Yahoo, and I got irritated, wondering why I hadn't been able to find it. But when I opened the link it was something else entirely. It DID have an email address and it DID have a phone number, but they were for a site for Yoo-hoo chocolate drink.

Was that a spelling error, you wonder? No, Peter is just wacko. Smart, but apparently wacko. Maybe later we'll discover he killed his baby Easter chick when he was 11. Probably nothing worse than that. Ordinarily I would have been pissed off and plotted to kick his guts out and drag him kicking and screaming up and down the Internet while bouncing on his head—don't ask me how one does that, I'm still perfecting it. Why should this friendly stranger make fun of me while I'm suffering at the hands of the savage monster Yahoo?! But still, I like Yoo-hoo so much, I couldn't help but smile. I barely ever drink them, because they're just thin delicious chocolate water and go down so fast that I'd probably drink a six-pack instead of just one. I can't afford habits like that. Can't afford many more friends like Peter; he's as inconsiderate and peculiar as I am. But at least he's not brain-dead, and that's an attribute I admire in almost anyone.
As I close this good-humored post out at midnight, Yahoo is back to doing what it was doing when it wasn't doing much of anything. Wonder how long this will last? I could just spit.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives."—Marlon Brando

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