Friday, July 16, 2004

Love and Hate Among the Email

I thought Yahoo had improved and was done with its problems, but that was not the case. Oh, it will spend a couple of minutes making minute grunts and the progress bar will grow by millimeters as if it is about to load itself, but it's not true. None of that is happening. All it's doing is killing time until it's time to say "Page cannot be displayed". What a peculiar damn phrase that is, I must say. It's accurate, yet informs you of nothing. There's no analysis going on, it's just how it says, "I give up."

My Yahoo has given up so many times the past couple of weeks that I'm getting bored with the whole thing. This time, my IP takes no blame, but says it must be the phone lines. I think they're full of shit, but who knows? I'm certainly not going to call the phone company about this obscure bit of trouble. It'll have to get worse before I do that. And, in fact, if no other part of the Internet starts failing to load, I'm going to switch to one of these plain-text piece-of-shit email systems that the world so loves, possibly even Gmail. But, big deal. The main thing for you to know, should you be someone who emails me now and then, is this:

Do not send me email at Yahoo!

There's a couple of emails at Yahoo now, but I can't get at them. So email me at the same ratsouthern you know and love, except at or at

Myself, I'm going to go get drunk.

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