Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ya-poo-hoo, Grave Digger, Etc.

I went to the library so that I could sign onto Yahoo and see what those four emails were that were just beyond my grasp at home.

The First Email

There’s some fucked-up reunion dot com whose mail keeps getting through to me no matter what. I’d designated it as Spam and I’d blocked it—at least I thought so. Today I did both. Perhaps Yahoo owns it and plans to instead escalate the assault and break into my home tonight and cram it down my throat or up my ass while I sleep—I wouldn’t put it past them. They have no interest in me other than driving me crazy, I’m certain of that.

The Second Email

This was a letter from my cousin. Knowing my email troubles, he has now apparently determined to send his messages to all my email addresses at once. A lot of trouble, but not a bad solution, really. I will sort this out soon, I hope, whether I get Ya-poo-hoo working or not. You know Ya-poo-hoo, don’t you? I think it’s an old Indian word for “I shit on you”. I think that’s it. Did I mention that I am still in a bad mood about this?

The Third Email

The third email was yet another Site Meter summary, telling me how few hits I’ve had on my Southern Exposure site for the week. For a short while after Dances-Fast-While-Juggling Tricia danced me around in a tutu on her blog, woodnotwood, her adherents (or maybe it was just her) came round in twos and threes and moved me up a notch to an average three per day. Dances-Fast-While-Juggling is another Indian name—I think it’s a translation of Kowabunga. Tricia doesn’t say, I’m just venturing my own guesses.

On this summary emailed to me today, I see the count is back down to two per day. I don’t know if Southern Exposure is long for this world. I wonder what it does that I can’t do on TRS? It was my intention to write, after all, not merely to decorate with clever boxes and colors and wiggles and squiggles. I’ve already been informed by one professional web site designer that my sites are circa 1996 ho-hum configurations, somewhat confirming for me how wasteful it sometimes is to attach too much importance to the whole visual concept. I do spend more time on the articles on Southern Exposure and that presumably produces a slightly greater quality of writing—but I could spend the time on Rat Squeaks articles instead, couldn’t I? Well, I’m just thinking in circles here. I haven’t decided anything.

Sayonara From Ze

The fourth email was from everyone’s compaƱero Ze, the former grave digger of blogging fame. He remarked that I’d been reading him from near the beginning and was surprised to find me still reading as it ended. It was a nice note, and I was glad to get it. Nonetheless, isn’t it strange about people’s sense of time? It seems to me that he hasn’t been at it very long yet, but he’s decided that it’s been not only a long time, but too long! It’s actually been only about four months. Which brings up a subject of frequent discussion among bloggers—when will we cease to blog?

Ze’s answer: What blog? He has gone on to other things.

My answer? You talkin’ to me? You want my answer? Here it is:


Or maybe next year, whichever comes first or whichever dances well.

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