Monday, July 12, 2004


The photo at Surprise Dweeb Photo looks interesting, but I suspect I've been left-handed too long to readjust very much. I wonder if they were serious? I'm not sure I could even readjust for a left-handed mouse, and the mouse was the really difficult thing to learn. I might be able to draw a little better with my left hand, but I don't draw that well with any hand, so who is there to cry about the loss?
Addendum: When I first wrote this, I didn’t recall the most telling detail of my left-handedness in relation to tools. At some point after I turned 40, after hearing about left-handed scissors most of my life, I finally bought a pair. I’ve had them more than 10 years now. You know what? I’ve never gotten used to them. My brain and hand were already inculcated to feel that the shaped-for-righty scissors handles were "correct" and I’ve never been able to retrain myself. I can use the left-handed scissors, but there is in fact no advantage to them. I wish I had my $18 back.
And don't forget, boys and girls, Surprise Dog Photo changes on a brain-addled indeterminate schedule. It's probably changed since you last picked your nose. Why you picked that rather silly one, though, is beyond me.

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