Monday, July 05, 2004

Don't Drink The Yahoo Water

Though the probability is small that you might have an urgent email for me, I’ll still warn you: it won’t get to me at present. I have other email addresses, such as the one at EV1 but lately everyone's in the habit of writing to the Yahoo address. Yahoo, its head joyfully in the toilet yesterday and today, isn’t working on my computer, though everything else is functioning properly. Yahoo has never had an honest email address—at least not for "free" clients like me and therefore cannot be contacted. If I could get on Yahoo, they have a “Contact us” section that just responds that my question has been passed along.

That sounds good, but I’ve never known them to answer a single question for me or even to send a brief email that says, “We don’t have time to trifle with trash like you.” They treat you like such utter nothing that I would welcome an insult; it would be an improvement in our communication. I wonder if anyone anywhere under any circumstances has talked to or even located Yahoo? Does anyone live down the street from their headquarters so you could tell me where they are? Does Yahoo operate like the CIA-inspired Maxwell Smart? Maybe the Pet Smart shops across America are actually fronts for Yahoo.

I suppose Yahoo will fix itself someday after they get over the patriotic drunken stupor they’re apparently in now. I will then be able to check my inbox again. Meanwhile, this post has been of little note to very few people. Mostly, it just gave me a chance to bellow and complain.

I know a few of you out there use Yahoo. Has yours been working the past couple of days?

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