Friday, July 23, 2004

Gmail's Defunct

Gmail's defunct, or at any rate, my Great Giveaway is. I gave away 3 of the Gmail invitations to the 3 first comers, now there are no more. Not only did they not dance for me, I get the impression that they will now not say thanks. Some of them said thanks beforehand, though, and maybe that was their form of "dancing" for it. I really should have limited it to Bloggers, but I didn't want to change horses (the rules, I mean) in mid-stream. I seldom have any rules, that's why I seldom make any sense. Still, bloggers would have made it more fun, for they are more full of shit and more inclined to fun than the average person with an email address. I'm never satisfied, you notice that?  Anyway, there's no more loot, so all you marauders from outside the Blogosphere go back where you came from.

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