Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter Bad Attitude

When I was a child I lived next door to a baseball stadium that was on it's last legs. I was about 12 when the professional team that played there disappeared and the place was shut down. For a long time after, a few other preteens would join me in crawling under the fence and seeing what we could scavenge from inside. I don't recall anything of value like baseballs, gloves, or bats, but mostly junk. Like abandoned tickets that had never gotten sold. We each carried huge heaps of them out of there in the end. Being kids, we had as much fun with it as if it had been "play money", which was yet another form of paper without value.

It occurs to me lately as I toy with Twitter that it's pretty much equivalent in value to me, those abandoned tickets to the baseball games and all these Tweety followers. Maybe I'll feel more self-important when I have 40 or 400 instead of 4, but in the back of my mind I'll know that IT'S ALL WORTH NOTHING. If you just LOVE your Twitter experience, my apologies. And I may come to have a different attitude as time passes. But for now, I have a Bad Attitude.

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