Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Escape

I don't remember excitement very much.
Not the last time I was excited by some beautiful old friend
Grown middle-aged and stoic and more thick-waisted than she liked
Or the last time an old buddy showed up
And showed that he barely gave a shit that he was here,
A base reflection that made it all quite clear
That neither of us would shed a tear!

It's not that young men or young women
Make me feel alive or in any way reflective
Or that life is worth even further tribulation,
I'm just starting to feel no better
Than a Beverly Hills clown in makeup and in transit
Or Gollum being very still, reflecting on himself in a mirror,
Or some long-lost old boxing bum called Caliban who looks dead,
But he's just passed out on diet Coke
And somebody's week-old birthday cake.
And I can't escape it...

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