Monday, April 13, 2009

Internet Romance

Got The Hots For A Curly-haired Girl

Look, you don't have to do
A thing about it in response,
But I miss you Goddammit
And thought that if I had to suffer it,
You ought to have to share
That tender sentiment with me.
Don't ask me why I'd miss someone I never met
And haven't heard from in so long,
Though I suppose we sometimes miss
Famous authors we never met, too,
Like foxy Emily Dickinson or delicious Jane Austen—
You know, those babes!
We fall in love or infatuation
With whom we happen to fall—
It was always unexpected!
I never had a plan—did you?

I won't come crawling through your window now, I promise,
Or stalking you in your present state of undress or madness,
But I'll be around, far off, and I'll be convinced
That you're a peach, a rose,
A glorious glint of light in a calm but murky sea,
A jewel and glimmer of gold in my dullard's crown!


  1. Ron,

    I tried to email you, but my message bounced ("no such account" at gmail). Also, the email link on your blog doesn't seem to work for me, either. But thanks for your comment on revision99. On my blog, I don't like to dwell on getting old. Aches and pains and rude young'uns are boring to most people, myself included. But there's no getting around the subject of aging when your contemporaries are dying of "natural causes." Still, I have a lot of stuff left to do in life, and I just realized that I'd better get started. Anyway, I appreciate your concern.


  2. Some glitch, I guess, since my gmail continues to work. Damn, though.


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