Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boredom Boredom

Well, the "intelligent blogs" list has changed it's appearance (on THIS blog, I mean), but is mostly the same. What a lot of repetitive work, though! Maybe this'll wake me up and I'll add some new one(s)--haven't done that in a long while. Then again, I haven't felt tempted to do it.


  1. I like the application. Looks good! Might have to investigate and steal it! Thanks for keeping us current.

  2. There I was thinking I was the last one on Earth to use the Blog List gadget and then you tell me I'm lightyears ahead of you?! Probably (like with horses) just ahead by a nose--or a nose hair!

    Disgusting, ain't I?

  3. Oh my! Thanks for putting mine in that headline list thingie. I hadn't seen that used before.
    I'm not big on using fancy stuff, I'm a minimalist meself, and stick to a few chosen blogs to read. ;-) That one is good though.

  4. It's easy. I haven't written instructions for it yet, though I will. If you "create" the gadget and select the one called "Blog List, all you do to make an entry is paste in the address and it'll fill in the blog title. There's a list of things to "check" if you want them included or not (I just let it include them all so I can see if it's good or bad.).

  5. That is an interesting blog list, Ron.

    I wonder if it's available for Wordpress?

    Guess I'll have to do some looking.

  6. There is an alphabetical option, but I like the way these arrange themselves by most recent publication at the top of the list. I almost don't need Bloglines any more!


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