Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Twitter a Nit-wit?

Who in their right mind (or otherwise) gives a shit about Twitter? It's not only dull, it's nearly non-existent for me so far (and this may be as far as I'm going.) If I've failed to attract strangers or charm the birds off of the trees, I don't think I need to worry. I suppose it's for younger people, and maybe would work well in a colony of ants.


  1. God, I agree...flat out boring and useless. No wonder Oprah uses it!

    Give me Facebook any day.

  2. I have barely any notion of Facebook's appearance or atmosphere, but I went to one once and at least didn't come away calling it viscous and fecal names!

  3. It took me a while to get into Facebook. But I have to admit, it's the best of the various "social networking" sites that are out there. I think it's worth spending some time on.

    Marc McDonald

  4. Thanks, Marc. I'll take it into consideration. Of course, my problem has always been that I'm anti-social, a flaw that doesn't seem to have much weight in the world of bloggers! Whatever my disease is, it's getting worse!


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