Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I've Got The Twitters?

It Don't Seem Like Much

Is twitters anything like having shingles? Or like a neurotic itch, eczema, or allergies in the Spring? Those are all more impressive than Twitter has been so far, but I guess I'll have to wait more patiently.

I hope this STUPID THING IS IT. If not, la di dah...

Click me. Twit me!


  1. I guess now I can make all my stupid one and two sentence smartass remarks through Twitter (unless they tell me to shut the fuck up about bad language!).

  2. Twitter says it's overloaded just now.
    It's a complete mystery to me why Twitter attracts so many Twits. I just don't get it.

  3. Yes, they've been "overloaded" half the time since I began--you think it's me causing it? Hell, I hope it is. Maybe if more Americans had a proper horror of being called a Twit, Twitter wouldn't be so overpopulated!


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