Sunday, May 20, 2007


Eventually I must have some reciprocation with blogs that I link to. Otherwise I unlink! How's that? Fair is fair, even if I am a monster. I also can't stay linked to those who do not post on a regular basis; they make me nervous.


  1. I agree with you, Ron. I'm on a blog roll and I'm not sure if I'll continue with it. I want the personal connection of knowing at least slightly who is on the other end of the link.

    I'm reciprocating, alrightie!

  2. I unlink it others don't link to me after a while, too and my gf thought that was terrible. I'm like, "why am I sending traffic to people who don't send it back?!" I guess that makes me heartless....whatevah;)

  3. It feels bad to me to cut them loose, but it feels right to do it. We make some friend in this process, but eventually I "get it" that a few are too busy for such shit. They may be great people, but if they're too far afield from me, they're a goner!

  4. When I first started I would link people hoping they would do the same - afraid to ask. Now, there's got to be a mutual contract or I don't play. Selfish of me...probably - why change now?

    Stick to your guns Ron.

  5. I generally do the same, though I'll have to admit that I don't automatically link to someone else because they link to me.

    Usually I'll add them to my RSS reader and read their site for a few weeks before adding their site.

  6. Yeah, I generally do what Loren does, check someone out before "buying". I guess all that fairness crap doesn't mean very much in the end, but I like it when I make an ostensible friend on the blogs!


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