Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Losing The Debit Card

Somewhere I've lost a partial list. It was one of those Titles Never Used kind of lists. I wonder where I had it stored? I thought it was here on the site (Draft), but no. Then I thought it was in the directory called blog-stuff, but it wasn't there, either. Now I'll have to look in perfectly stupid places for it. I'll feel shitty by the time I find it! If I were smart, I'd forget it. But I know damn well I'll go and look for in a minute.

At least it's not as bad as when I found I'd lost my Visa card earlier today and had to pay actual cash for my supper! Luckily, I found the card in the first shirt pocket that I encountered, so that was pretty good. But it was a bad 10 or 15 minutes!

Okay, I found the list among the Notebook txt files. It was not entirely illogical, but it's suspect. I need to plan better than that!


  1. I've done that or can't find a $100 bill I've hide in my wallet on vacation - that sudden rush of fear sweeps over you like heat from a gasoline explosion.

    You keep hoping that you'll find it and sink back into the coolness of control, but sometimes it never comes.

  2. List? Plan? What an attractive concept.. Maybe I should learn to do something like that. Oh no, thinking about it, I'd probably mis-lay or forget the damn thing, and only get all stressy over it. Sigh.

  3. I never misplace very much, but you're right about the feeling, whether it's money or your car keys or your wallet!

  4. For our honeymoon (a hundred years ago), my new husband and I drove to Reno. Fearing a robber would come into our motel room in the night, blindfold us, tie us up (no wait a minute, that was the honeymoon part) I digress ..

    We "hid" all of our travel cheques under the mattress. The next morning, we merrily headed off down the highway to Silver City. It struck us both like forked lightening. THE TRAVEL CHEQUES ARE STILL UNDER THE MATTRESS.

    In a frenzy we hastened back to said motel, praying that the mattress hadn't been turned over. Once the manager let us back into the room, we scrambled to look under the mattress. VOILA! The cheques were still there as we had left them.

    Our joyous trip back to Silver City was marred only by shots of .. Your fault. No your fault. NO YOUR FAULT."

  5. As they say, shit happens. (But why doesn't it happen to criminals and Donald Trump?!

  6. I think shit does happen to criminals and Trump but it doesn't bother them.

    Criminals live by the seat of their pants not caring about their future. I honestly don't think they possess that set of brain cells. So when shit happens to them they just move onto the next caper. As for Trump, he has enough money to buy himself out of shit.

    Do you agree Ratty?

  7. You hold my heart in your hands (or at least I agree with you for the time being!).

  8. You're pretty sweet for a Rat. All squeak and no nibble?

    I have a fiesty side, too. Don't let the crinolines and patent leather shoes fool you.

  9. What's the meanest thing you did when wearing those crinolines? Make some boy piss in his pants? Stab him with your pencil? Tell everybody he kissed you?

  10. The boy kissed me so I stabbed him with a pencil and he pissed his pants.

    You've got every detail right. I am suspicious. Are you really who you say you are? Or could you be ... no can't be ... well it's possible.

    You appear to be the right age. You seem to be the kind of rascal who could charm a girl for a kiss.
    Do you have any old scars shaped like the lead end of a pencil?

  11. I do have a tiny black-lead pencil stab that still barely shows on my wrist from my junior high school days--was that you? I thought I remembered that as being a punk boy who later became my friend. But now he's a fatcat lawyer in Houston who probably doesn't have time to trifle with trash like me! Fuck him, sometimes I get sick and tired of trying to be somebody's friend for life!


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