Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sadness To Learn About

Every time I mention Judy Garland, I get comments from someone who belongs to some Judy Garland group or fan club and wants me to belong, too. I guess they're never going to read enough here or elsewhere to learn that I am the ultimate isolationist. I am not a joiner. Everywhere I've gone in life, I didn't belong. Each time it came to that, whether right away or in the end, whether right or wrong. If I joined anything, I always resigned or left. So, can you imagine how little I wish to join with goddamn Judy Garland schnooks? So, I deny his comments when I moderate so that I won't encourage it all.

By the way, I finished the Judy Garland book today; the one that was oddly named "Get Happy". Whew! Very tiring, so much high drama and trauma. So much sadness to learn about.


  1. I just want to do know what the fan clubs do exactly? (This is why I'm not a joiner).

    Thanks for the title!

  2. Ah, but Ron, we are at that age when none of the past matters anymore. At this time in our lives, we can laugh at the childish things we did and that were done to us. Or, at least we should try.

    When you look into the aging eyes of an old acquaintance, you can almost hear "If we had only known then..." Forgive and forget my friend...embrass reason, embrass the warmth they are now willing to give.

    Sometimes...we have to take the first step.

    And, I ain't talking about joining a club...just accepting new friends and the comfort they offer.

  3. Just visiting to say thanks for your help over in the Blogger Help forum. After all, now that I'm locked out of my own blog, I have all the time in the world to cruise round discovering new blogs!

  4. E gads, Dawn, it doesn't sound like I was much help!

    Mushy, you give your old acquaintances credit for thinking as much and as well as you, and that's not always the case. Most of us are who we used to be, I have found so far.

    Alisa: What's so good about the title? You planning to borrow it?

  5. I suppose you are right - I just hate the lonely vibs I get from you - I wa'na mow your yard or something.

  6. Just like ol' Eeyore always said: "I wish everybody would just stop tryin' to cheer me up!"

    I agree with ya', man! But remember to open your window every now and then and look around, just to make sure no one's using your solitude to "sneak-up" on you! I don't think I need to explain, you're not stupid, you know what I'm "speaking" of!

  7. Just to let you know I'm back in my blog, Ron. Your advice was sound - I kept politely asking and it happened. I'm linking to you in celebration!

  8. An Aquarius joining a club? Nope, never!

    Thanks for reading my blog. :)


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