Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stupid Passwords

I stole this from one of the blogs I read, but Christ, I can't remember. The thought that they stole it from somewhere first warms my heart and cools my sense of guilt. I always thought my passwords were incredibly stupid, but they're very complex compared to these.

According to PC Magazine, these are the ten most popular computer passwords:

10. Your first name
9. Blink182
8. Password1
7. Myspace1
6. monkey
5. letmein
4. abc123
3. qwerty
2. 123456
1. password

Goddess informs me I stole it from her at Blonde Intuition. I probably did!


  1. It was moi. How could you forget me, Ron? After all we meant to each other!

  2. I just don't have a good memory, okay? When brain cells are dying, what can you expect?!

  3. Hey Ron, sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere for about a month now. I just put up two new posts--one yesterday and one today. I have barely had time to read my email much less read my ususal blogs. It may be hit or miss for a while yet as I finally have an offer on my house... moving trauma upcoming!


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