Monday, May 28, 2007

Appropriate Illness

When I think about it, I guess it's appropriate that I've been cursed with this or these illnesses. I have always been a lazy or sedentary person, and I guess it's as if my unconscious were involved in selecting what's bugging me. Some things are under control, such as the diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet the neuropathy in my feet and my anemia band together to give me the symptoms I need to be as lazy as I always have been, and more. Now, instead of just doing nothing, I can do nothing and feel tired and dizzy. I have an excuse for not getting things done. Even as I type, there are things being left undone! There was a coat rack I bought that didn't get installed for three months, and it was hell to get it done when the day came that I did do it! And there's a new printer laying around that came with my computer (half a year ago) that's never been connected for lack of a connecting wire. So I never print anything out any more. I won't give a list of the maintenance I don't perform for my car! And that stupid new camera that won't communicate with Kodak files in my computer, so I can't get anything out of it! I can't concentrate on the instructions for it at all! What a perfect illness, though, that gives me the excuse to leave things undone!


  1. You don't need illness as an excuse to leave things undone when laziness is perfectly acceptable;)

  2. I'm the poster child for all that, but I've got this goddamn fucking sickness, too! Shit, I mean Shit!

    Are we straight on that now?

  3. Er uh, I can't blame my undone chores on anything *sniffle* god help my poor mother if I up and die. She'll have to torch the house.

  4. Really? You sound like marriage material to me! Unless you collect dog and kitty feces; I can't stand that.

  5. Well, the older I get the more shit goes wrong with my used to be half way decent body. It does make for a good excuse to be lazy, but, being a masochistic sort, I make myself get up and do a few things every so often. It really sucks though.

    Come over some night, we'll sit on the front porch, drink something cold, and feel the summer breeze caress our skin.


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