Monday, March 19, 2007

Blogger Profile Transformed

Those of you dedicated to my service (having found Satan's service a bit heavy to bear) may have noticed the return of the calendar in the sidebar that I had mistakenly deleted a few days ago. It's like a clock radio, except it's a clock calendar. Big whoop. Below it, a trifle more esoteric, is the replacement of Blogger's dull old profile with my own dull profile, presented in an html/javascript page element format. The profile at Most Frequent Blogger Questions is still there, but discernibly different. The profiles are lacking (at the moment) in Dogger Gatsby's Blues and Judy Garland Blues because I turned the Blogger Profile off completely and have yet to replace them with a page element. I'm looking for a photo of Mortimer Snerd I can use.

File this under: Things I Didn't Need To Know!

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