Saturday, March 24, 2007


The Soviet shitheel must eventually crush Afghanistan—so logic says.

And so it is surprising that the firmness of Soviet disbelief has taken so long to quell the Faithful of God. One must wonder. These Afghanistan fighters—how can they win? And some, whether religious or just observant, might look at their fervor and say, “How can they lose?”

September 30, 1989
Now, of course, it seems as if the Russians are really leaving. But why? It appears to be that they finally realized they couldn't afford the battle. It cost 'em too much money!

I wrote the above some time ago, back around 1980. I started it before it was apparent that the Russians could not win. Now it strikes me that WE are in the Soviet position with Afghanistan and Iraq. We think our opposition are just dirty desert bandits. But what they’re doing is the equivalent of Fighting For Jesus. And just for the hellacious Fun of it, too. And that’s an unfortunate advantage to have over the poor young well-behaved boys from rich America, who keep fighting the battle with technology and air power on their side. But maybe not God. Move over, Jesus, make room for Allah and his bloodthirsty pals. There's a religion to killing really well; ask any career military man.


Current draft: 03/24/07
©1980 Ronald C. Southern


  1. I still stick with my original belief immediately after 9/11: I think going into Afghanistan was correct. But Iraq was a mistake from the start. We should've stopped at the border, and waited for the rest of the world to "catch-up" to us. We only would've need wait a few more months, let the Iraqis' original purpose be unloaded on our "allies." But, instead....

  2. I have some very unpopular and unpleasant views on this that most Americans would find decidedly inhumane and "blood thirsty". I think I was born in the wrong century.

  3. Bruno, you're right, but evidently George Bush doesn't consider you a legitimate advisor. Oh well...

    Alisa: you thinking of clearing out the troops and dropping the nuclear bomb behind them?

  4. Yep, we're all mired down again...we never learn from others or history.


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