Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well, Another Post

Well, I'm liberal. And I'm hip. And vulgar and depraved. Sometimes rude. I try not to lose my temper, but eventually I do. I try not to play with people who are too "sweet" because they can't seem to stand it.

But my niece (10) and nephew (2) are sweet and they can't help it. If they don't run too fast for me, I'll play with them.


  1. That's not what I've heard!Love the new look!

  2. Yes, I agree---You're RUDE, DISGUSTING, AND A REAL PAIN IN THE ASS! PROUD OF YA', MAN! I wanna be just as mean, nasty, and ugly as you, when I finally grow-up, and reach YOUR level of "maturity"!

    There! I feel better---How about YOU?

  3. Hey, who wrote my address on the wall next to the urinal, anyway?

  4. Was it in pencil, or felt-tip?


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