Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thought It’d Be Easy

Joe Demon thought on one hand that it’d be easy and on the other that it would be ridiculously hard. He’d met her recently on the Internet and he knew it was completely silly, but he wanted to court her, charm her, disrobe her with his most charming charms. When he could remember that she wore clothes, he wanted to remove those, too! Did he think she was ignorant of sex in this day and age? No, he didn’t; maybe she was ignorant of men her father’s age (which she knew he was) wanting very badly to screw her! That’s what he wanted, so badly that it was hard not to say so. But such crudeness would not work for anyone much, Joe thought, much less on a woman so utterly charming and cute but who just barely existed on the Internet. He was no longer even sure that he existed there!


  1. What will you do with it, though? Pant, pant!

  2. The same thing I do with every incidental with it obsessively until it begins to bore me with a need for committement ;-)

    Happy day love...and happy new year!

  3. A vixen after my own heart! Don't mind me; I'm just pandering.

  4. Pandering is *always* appreciated *and* rewarded...

    Happy New Years hon!


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