Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Translate That

Among other small items, I put the Babel Fish translator back in the sidebar, pretty far down. I don't know how much it will ever be seen. I don't know how much it was ever used before, but I like the idea of it very much, even it is seldom used. I don't know that many people who are bilingual. Most of the people I know are one-language clods, I guess, like me. But for me it expresses the hope that some people in the world wonder what people in the rest of the world are doing, saying, thinking. Aliens, welcome to my alien world!


  1. OOH! I've not seen that before, I like it! Does the blog owner have to have it on their site in order to translate their blog, or can a reader utilize it independently?

  2. A user has only to go to the Babel Fish site to get a translation - having it on the site is just convenience.

    I have it on my site too, stole the idea from Ron, and, like him, have no idea if it is ever used.

    It would be nice if there was some way to tell.

  3. Damn, Becca, Mushy knows more about than I do!

    If I ever knew, Mushy, I forgot!

  4. I fall into the clod category. I'm excellent at learning how to read and write languages and can be fluent that way, but if you ask me to speak them out loud, I just mangle them!

    Too bad there's no way to see how much the translator gets used. It's a nice touch. I know I've been flipping through blogs to come across that one in a foreign language.

  5. I know just enough German to get a beer, and/or my face slapped!

    Usually the latter, because I get it WRONG!!!

  6. I occures to me that should not have answered her question of you Ron...sorry.

    It's like sitting in class waiting for a question you know the answer to so you can shoot up your hand first and impress a pretty gal!

  7. That's an odd thought. But I guess it's feasible.


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