Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tickle, Tickle

Tickle, tickle, who’s got the pickle? Is it large enough? Will it come out of the jar intact? Will it go back in if it has to? I would hate to see it break in half, I thought.

That’s when Meriam broke it in half. Men all over the dining room reacted to the sound for a nano second, then went on eating despite the fact that Meriam was somewhat noisily sucking on the rounded end of the pickle. I guess she found it delicious, but she didn't take a bite. I tried to pretend I wasn’t really with her, but it didn’t work very well when she kept asking me if I wanted some of her pickle! At long last, she dropped it on the floor and asked the waiter if he’d be so kind as to pick it up and dispose of it for her. The young man blushed and did as she asked, using a cloth napkin to retrieve it with.

He didn’t ask her if she wanted another one. I didn't, either.

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