Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Books On The Quick!

I've loved these last two books (see sidebar) I've read. Actually I'm not quite through with Crusoe, but I love it already. I loved it after the first 2 pages! If I read it in my youth, I don't recall it, though the general story is known to all via movies and TV, I think. It's a greatly interesting book to a sod like me, who can't be pleased with car crashes (been there, done that) and grisly killings by the pound (ditto). I'd forgotten (if I knew) all the trials and tribulations poor Robinson Crusoe endured before he ever came to the deserted Island where he had to spent so many years alone. I won't detail it, since some fraction of a per cent of you out there might decide to read it. You guys have probably forgotten it, so go ahead, read it again!

The Horse Whisperer was also pretty primo. I read it pretty quickly and really hated to put it down when it was over. Go for it if you run across it.

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