Friday, September 08, 2006

Men Eat Meat (No Matter What)

I can't write a daily post any more. At least, not a post of any consequence. I can blather. I can squeak. And squeal. And protest that there is oxygen! I also protest that there is fire. Whose idea was that? Okay, warmth in winter, we need it for that. You think it was a byproduct that we began cooking meat and potatoes with it? Animals eat it raw, why shouldn't we? If we had no fire, that's how we'd eat it. Sushi has a name that's not revealing. We could just as well call raw hamberger Plutzy!

"Oh, Mommie, Let's have some plutzy sandwiches tonight!"

"If Daddy doesn't eat all the plutzy during the first commercial, Bambi!"

Daddy is such a pig.

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