Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Piss On Your Pee-pee

Is that hostile enough? Perverted, too. But life is strange. Why shouldn't it be perverted, too? There's no one sensible left awake except you and me. And I'm not so sure about you. Sounds like I'm referring to some sort of intimacy, doesn't it? That's not what I mean. I don't mean that anywhere on my upper seven levels of consciousness. Maybe on the 8th level, but I'm not there yet. I know it's wrong to dream so much about Christmas and the other holidays. We don't seem to have an intelligent God, since he allows these things, but maybe we do. Maybe it's just that God is NOT laughing WITH us! But I'm alright; the instant I get outside I'll believe in God again. Maybe not in the good will of Man, though.

I wonder when we'll wake up about all this ethnicity and hatred? If I was a Negro or an Arab in this country, I'd know to be nervous. Why? Because white men have swollen heads and will find some reason to mistrust you. We know we're better. How can you find your way around that? I know I haven't. In 58 years, I've seldom had a foreign or colored friend. I've met lots of them, I've SEEN even more on TV, but I don't know them. I couldn't base a trust OR a mistrust on their behavior. The few I've known were about 20 years ago. I live with and around all these crazy white people now just like me. There's no escape. I wonder if I need to? I don't think I've ever met a person from Arkansas. Not even Bill Clinton, I didn't meet him, either. I must be one of the few!

Who talks to me on Internet? All kinds of foreigners and some Negroes. I think the Negroes are both women and both writers. Not famous, but not bad, either. Maybe I should give their links, but I don't think I will at the moment, since I'm in the middle of this pity fest. It's right, but it doesn't seem right at the moment. Besides, they might give me such a smack! Onward thru the fog, folks!

If I can't get along with you, at least I can get along with Me!

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