Monday, September 11, 2006

Memo To Another Murdering Bastard

Am I a little too brittle or inconsiderate? As with most men, it is more assuring to me to bullshit than it is to "get down" or show one's soft side. Something in me even started to not use the flower words "daisy" or "pansy" as a password, but I wouldn't have been hiding it from anyone but God, so what's that about? God doesn't care about that, he doesn't have time to waste on my passwords! I do, though. And other things besides.

Now my left eye needs surgery and my left ear may or may not be going deaf. Ten thousand dollars one of them wants for the cataract surgery and everything attached to it. Insurance companies have ruined these sonsofbitch doctors and nobody feels like anybody is paying for it when the insurance company pays. Of course, I have no insurance, so I guess I'm supposed to go die.

But not just yet.

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