Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Memo For The Girl I Didn't Send It To

Breaking Up Is Not That Hard To Do!

People on the Internet may think you're funny or they may just look at you funny. This may be more than most people want to know, but I came to be a little acquainted with one young woman who concluded that I had "stalked" her since I seemed to know her email at her private college or whatever it was. I felt like I'd just been slapped hard on the snout with a rolled newspaper. I told her and maybe she believed it, that the Blogger Help Group (which is where I encountered her) lets any of us write another person on the site directly and they sent it on with the sender never having seen any email address. I call it a blind email. My young lovely had concluded that I'd worked hard at my stalking all on account of not knowing that. I guess she thought I was hot for her body. Could be, but not in the Slob fashion that she apparently viewed it! Then I cursed her, and that didn't help anything. She wanted nothing further to do with the stalker and I wanted nothing to do with the stupid girl (which I guess she wasn't, not really, if she'd given herself a chance).

I hate that. But things go to blazes on the Internet sometimes much faster than they do elsewhere!

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