Sunday, March 07, 2004

Something About the Charlie Chaplin Movie, “Monsieur Verdoux”

One can owe the bank, the company store, one’s soul, a friend, a favor, and so on…but it’s a little overwhelming to wake up every day and realize you owe your insistent Blog another offering! So here’s something for today that was already written.

Mini-Drama About the Charlie Chaplin Movie, “Monsieur Verdoux”

He wandered through the living room where his girlfriend was watching TV, got a Coke in the kitchen, and paused as he passed again. He listens to the actors on the screen.

"I was in love," the woman said."

"You were physically attracted?"

"It was more than that," she said.

"It's funny," he told his girlfriend, "how people sometimes say 'more' when what they really mean is that it was less than physical."

His girlfriend grinned and said, "Get the hell out of here and let me watch my movie."

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