Friday, March 12, 2004

I Can't Keep Up

I can’t keep up. I know I’m supposed to write a sensible tell-all of some kind for my blog and I haven’t done it yet. A list of 100 things or more or any kind of About Me section to get you acquainted with me. Maybe I will yet. So far, I just hit the ground running. Running and stumbling. I can always write, so once I was registered with Blogger I just started writing, without plan or method. Still, the first thing I’d have to tell you would be I’m the kind of person who’d tell you that you’d come to know me best through my writings than by knowing what I like to eat, see, buy, steal, plunder, dandle, crank, wheel, drive, drink, dribble, drain, draw, give, take, lick, flick, fix, imitate, evaluate, etc. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm wrong. But in any case, I’m not even able yet to meet an early deadline on this demanding ratbastard blog, so the whole About Me project is too ambitious for me at present. I’ve seen lots of people Drag Around and fool around on their new blogs—guess I’m just another of them.

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