Thursday, March 18, 2004

FTP (May Stand for: F*** The Public)

Ignore my improper terminology, if any, for I know not what I do.

I’ve been using a free download of WS_FTP, but now it’s going to expire. If I’m going to have to spend any money for such a thing, I would have liked to pay instead for an HTML editor that also performed the file transfer protocol. But now I’ve tried 3 different editors and I can’t get any of them to actually complete a transfer. I assume I’ve told it wrong directory names or something, although I tried repeating exactly how I entered it in WS_FTP. I also tried all the variations I could think of, but apparently one can’t “guess”.

I've emailed Coffee Cup, who makes one HTML editor with FTP, but they haven't answered and may only send an automated answer telling me to "check online help". I've already done that. Nothing penetrates my brain, I'm lost in a dark hole! I have however figured out one thing, one last defense. I changed the day on my computer just now and it seems like that's all they know about the expiration date--now they think I have additional days left on the program. This would be a good solution, except that I'd have to switch it back and forth, back and forth. My emails would get lost in everyone's boxes, they'd bury themselves instead of appearing at the top of the list with other New emails!

This is just an infernal and never-ceasing problem. If, God Forbid, I paid $50 for the WS_FTP program, I have no guarantee I wouldn't have to reinstall it at some point and then find out I don't know how I ever filled out their set-up screen right in the first place! That would be so Me! I cannot stand much more of this shit of spending hours and hours just trying to sign-up or set-up for a program. Why, God why, don't I know some smart son of a bitch who can just tell me? Be glad to hear from one, male or female. (Women can be sons of, too, I’ve seen it.)

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