Saturday, March 13, 2004

Low Ebb

Burbling is at low ebb this not very early morning. Maybe I'll come back after I shake the sand from my brain. I've been awake a while, it just hasn't done much good. Stayed up late again (3:30) working on my latest Homepage transformations. I can't believe I've learned so much and know so little. Nonetheless, the next changes to Southern Exposure involve tables within tables and presumably look better. The old form didn't (doesn't) look bad, though, and someone may in fact prefer it. But before anyone can like or dislike it, I have to finish this thing I'm working on in the dark in the middle of the night! I worry that the diatribes are too long, but don't have much luck shortening them. Well, that's what The Rat Squeaks is for, if somebody wants stuff that's short. I like the short stuff, too. I like writing short stuff so much that sometimes it becomes long stuff. So, maybe I better stuff it now before this becomes a book. I don't seem to be talking about much, anyway, do I?

Obla da, obla la how the life goes on...

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