Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Eye Care Center


A week or so back, I drove my mother to the eye doctor because she was going to get her eyes dilated while there and wouldn’t be able to drive home. There was a blonde girl at the eye center check-in counter—I don’t know how old she was, but less than 25, I think. I made a mild joke about the biography I brought with me and she didn’t get it. I turned the book cover so she could see it better and she just stared at it and me like we were bugs. Or like SHE was blind. Then I realized that she just didn’t know who Helen Keller was. I told her who Keller was, but apparently, to her, there was nothing amusing about me reading a book about a bind woman in the eye care clinic. She didn’t even politely smile at the client’s dumb joke, as used to be the proper form for an Employee in an American business. Are all young people such morons—or, if not that, are they just utterly and yet unspeakably uninformed like they went to school and did nothing but fart and breathe deep all day?! I guess they were all daydreaming about being rock and rap stars. Jeez.