Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It Won't Kill You

Today was a spaghetti day. I ate 3 different kinds of it before the day was done. No, I didn't have it for breakfast. In trying to clean out the refrigerator before everything went bad, I ended up with 2 spaghetti dishes on my plate at one time. I had regular tomato sauce style on one side of the plate and chicken spaghetti on the other. Both were a little tasteless, though it was just that famous "ice-box taste". Sometimes I wish food would go bad so I wouldn't end up eating so much of it that's like that. I mean, it's not deadly, but it's taste has gone dead. It's a terrible thing to throw food away--says I, raised by children of the Depression and given that kind of early training--but sometimes it's even worse to Save all this crap from being Wasted! Excuse me while I spit! Jeesh.

Before the day was done, though, I visited someone who invited me to eat again. It turned out they were having turkey spaghetti--a third kind, but more importantly a freshly-cooked batch and it was so much better than that cardboard I'd eaten a couple of hours earlier! Boy, it was good!

Well, it was close, but I got something in here before the day ended. But who's up but me to read it? You can read two tomorrow, it won't kill you.

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