Saturday, March 13, 2004

Never Mind The Ebb

Never mind how low the ebb was this morning. Now it's elevenish at night and the work on the homepage is done. I tested it before I put it on the web and again after I got it there. If it glitches, I'll have a seizure. But I think it's okay. So, Hooray, if only for a minute or two!

I've been staring at it so intensely and so repeatedly that I can't tell how it looks any more. It used to look good before I got sick of it. Let fresh eyes see it now. Or I hope they do. Counter, do your stuff--take their names and fingerprints, write down where they live. In this instance, I don't care about privacy rights! They can have their civil rights back later after I've calmed down. John Ashcroft's in the hospital just now, so if I violate a few souls' dainty feelings, I'm really just taking up the slack. When he gets out, I'll jump back on your side, and we'll march and carry placards. If he doesn't come out, well... I'm sure Bush can find another one just like him. There's never been a shortage of oppressive men who want to "clean things up". Oops, I was talking about web pages. Can't resist a tirade, no matter how incidental or passing.

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