Friday, March 05, 2004

Bird Brained

I LOVE the Carolina wren, I don't know why. I can't even tell the male from the female, but it's small and spritely and seems like an attractive, constantly interested puppy dog. It's always investigating, always being perky. And the songs and sounds it makes are amazing. Nice bird songs--there's one fast one that I characterize as "she's pretty-and-pretty-and-pretty In Pink!" But also variations on that. Also, some repeated grating, nearly-mechanical, vocal sounds that I used to think were insects or frogs until I began to see the birds make the sound. Also, the Internet bird sites play recordings of that weird song trill, just in case I doubted my senses. It's amazing how often bird songs and bird sounds in the back yard have been that energetic little wren.

A GREAT Carolina Wren Site


  1. Now look, if I actually quit my RSS reader and click over here, I expect to see a picture of the bird you love, Ron.

  2. That's better.

    Yes, we probably have a different version here in the PNW, but I like these little guys, too.


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