Thursday, October 01, 2009

Conditional Whoop

"Leave Her Alone"

Give me just a little leeway and I'll come over
And let you watch me pull my strings--
Of course I could always just sit this way and twitch
While you try out the strings yourself!
In fact, if you'll trust me for it,
I'll borrow your face and faith, pretty Miss,
And make my wishful features known
Beneath white bones and skin,
Beneath dark clouds preceding pouring rain,
Instead of whistling like some lousy millionaire
Or a missile speeding by,
Spent but still going to its intended zone
Past barren trees and bloody hills!

I have a syringe in my arm
And a pack of weary cards in my pocket,
But nothing's coming through!
I've been a junkie for a thousand years
Or maybe a little less...
I need a little wiggle room, that's what I say these days.
It's not to get you hot, not for thrills.
Just give it to me now without delay, without burlesque,
And I'll barbecue your maybes and lift your eyeballs
While you cool your heels on your sister's marbles.
She always liked to change the games of chance
So she could win.
I always liked her looks--
I like her little rosebuds,
I like her shiny pearls,
But she's a whole year younger,
So if you wish I'll toast her
And only touch her bumpy head
While you convey her bunny heart and soul
Somewhere by diffraction--hop skip and jump!--
Far beyond this Satan's cluttered clump of chitchat,
This eternal dire distraction!

I'll retranslate your could-bes
And caution everyone
About those dingy photos of your sister
In her wet and clinging swimsuit!
Just come over here and I'll quit it all for Love.
Otherwise, I'll gravitate to
Your sister's quiet gravity again
And those dismal postcards she lately sends
About Hurricane Athena and Zero Risks.
Then we'll promote her out of here
While she pleads with one and all
For more stamps and far less attention.
"No more, no more!" she cries.
"Why do you have to give me more?!"

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  1. Hmmm - don't quite understand this one, Ron.
    but I'm a bit confused this morning - desktop just crashed and probably died - getting used to laptop.

    IE hasn't thrown me off yet - must have been to do with my other computer.


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