Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Off Your Clothes, Honey!

(You know you look so good!)

I've never really understood women's casual attitude toward exposing their own flesh. It's not the teenage "hotties" and the models and the Hollywood starlets that surprise me with their skimpy clothing or total lack of clothing, it's the "average" women who MUST reveal where their tan lines are! No matter how young or how old, they'll show it to me! Women usually appear to be very conscious of all things having to do with beauty except when it involves "number one". Fat women and plain women have little apparent restraint or embarrassment about shorts and swimsuits and tight skirts and plunging necklines. I hope that's a sign of their individual mental health, and maybe it is. If I were them, I'd be way too self-conscious to be so unconcerned about being uncovered in public. I take it that there is something in most women that simply MUST be comfortable, no matter what!

I was studying beach photos for this post, however, and I have to admit that the same or worse is true of all the unattractive men who come out of the sand like sand-fleas! There may be handsome young college men in the front row, but there's also fat ones and wrinkled ones and hairy ones and scrawny ones and paler-than-death ones and every form of ugly that you ever noticed in your life! If those beach boys or beach bums can expose it, they will--everything but their willies, anyway. A lot of beer-gut fellas need to stay away from those undersized tee-shirts, but they don't. Most men are in need of a "makeover", if you ask me, though wearing only a pair of shorts is not a good point from which to begin a makeover, I suspect. But maybe you're afraid that I'm looking at a picture of you--naw, just the mirror.

Frankly, there's only two things that I never do at the beach--I don't disrobe in the sunlight and I don't go in the water if there's even the smallest possibility of sharks!

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