Friday, October 23, 2009

Anudder Old Poem

Here's an old poem that means a lot to me. It seems more complex than anything I write these days, so maybe it will be more difficult for my readers. But it can't kill you. See it at First And Last Desire.


  1. ok, maybe it's a pretence to talk like I "have readers" still, but I don't mind talking to myself until the real thing comes along. Maybe some 22nd century space voyagers will pass by and they'll pause to look at what the "alien" did. Then I'll jump on their face and burst out of their guts!

  2. Earthperson here! Oh my! That's a poem filled with an angst and...erm stuff fairly foreign to this old gal who tends more towards playfulness than angst these days. I can, though, still appreciate the pictures you paint so beautifully in words, and the melodies of youthful love and desire that seep through them. It's lovely, Ron.

  3. God put you here to cheer me up, apparently, though there's still the damn question of why God is here!


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