Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Man's Delight

I redated this poem from 2007 because I revised it a little. Not that most readers would worry about missing the revision, but it matters to me.

She’s grown older now
A little thicker,
Perhaps a little saggy at the top,
Not wrinkled very much
Around the neck and belly,
And anyway she feels so good!

She has a great vagina still
And calls me vulgar for saying so,
Then calls me a Dirty Fucker
In the dark of night and smiles
Because she knows I know it!
And she has lovely legs,
A little full, but they wrap around me fine
And hold me so tight—oh!

And God her face is—I’m sorry, but
I don’t know the proper words!
Her mouth is so pretty in every expression,
I think she was born to read me the dictionary aloud,
Not to mention All of my poetry books,
A little at a time!
And her eyes are bright organs of great appeal,
And though she talks at night of changing her nose,
I shrug and think that it’s fine just because it's hers.

I find her lovely tonight across from the fire
As she leans against the window sill
In this small front room
Naked like that and so relaxed, covered only by
That perfect perfume she wears
And the hair on her head and you know where…
She wouldn’t make a model any more, I guess;
They're all pristine and slim
And hairless in the nude shots.
She’s just the widowed matron that I’ve loved and adored
Who makes me want to remember
How to do wicked things with my tongue!


  1. I believe this may be the most beautiful thing you've ever posted here.

  2. Ain't none of you sensitive types gonna comment on this Sensitive Poem? Jeez!

  3. Yes, it IS quite "touching", indeed! What, ME, sensitive? Not anymore! I've even quit cryin' at my face in the mirror each morn!

  4. Bruno, you're so brutal that I'm surprised your name ain't Brutus! Nonetheless, thank you very much!

    You too, Theresa and Mushy (seems like another unlikely pair!)!

    Notice how much dust was raised by the political post? Wish a poem could raise so much!

  5. Lovely descriptions of mature lust.

    Good enough to get us through the day.


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