Monday, October 26, 2009

The Flying Mouse

My mouse has no tail--thereby the "tale" hangs, eh? Or not.

I bought a Logitech wireless mouse for the new laptop and of course it's a dozen times better than the flat pad that comes on the computer. Nonetheless, I do have troubles with it. Though I can relax and lean back (far back!) in my chair and I can pretty accurately move the cursor around by moving the mouse over surfaces that are next to nothing (either my pants leg or a smallish pad of paper), there is one drawback. The drawback is that, though my right hand has performed many thousands of motions with the mouse, my hand is also used to just turning loose of the mouse and lifting my hand off it when I'm through, and that's a BIG MISTAKE! The mouse then crashes to the floor every time, causing me to scream with fright, then curse because I'll have to defy my omnipotent arthritis to get down low enough to retrieve it! I don't know why it's taking me so long to adjust to it, but it is. Perhaps it's the neuropathy in my fingertips that prevents me from fully feeling where my mouse hand is located (with no flat surface). If I could figure out where to attach a string to it as if were a Yoyo, I would do that! Then I could just reel it back up to me!

I'm sick and tired of dropping it on the floor like a rock from above and then having to search and/or crawl until I can locate it! It almost always rolls under the chair where I'm sitting. I therefore have to be very careful about rolling back in the chair so that I don't scrunch it to pieces before I can see it to pick it up! Once or twice, it has bounced high enough to land on the lowest shelf of a bookcase, a place I don't ordinarily think to look until I've searched every square inch of floor! It's a goddamn flying mouse!

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