Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Real Santa Bob?

Here is something that I stumbled across today. If you ever longed for Bob Dylan Xmas songs, here's your chance, apparently (all artist's profits to be donated to food charities):

Christmas in the Heart

My first thought was, "Why not more, Bob?" since this is his 47th album, not his first. But I always have that snotty thought when I think of wealthy musicians, atheletes, software producers, real estate manipulators, or the hapless ones who inherited their fortunes from robber-baron forebears.


  1. "Why not more?" - because that's how they got where they are today, I guess - and obviously wish to stay there.

  2. I'll wait to see. I can't help wondering how the sales of Christmas songs can be very high compared to the profits from any of those other albums. Will he outsell even the deceased (Bing Crosby, etc.) for this and coming seasons? Not my problem, huh?


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