Friday, October 30, 2009


No one died for no one,
The truth is sooner told
Than all the lies in Christendom
Or all the wronged in hell.

No one dies for no one,
I tell you this again,
Lest time and pain and circumstance
Should lead you to conclusions
That live men cannot tell.


  1. Is that one of yours, Ron? Hmmmm - very good!

    I guess, in the end we all die just for ourselves, even the martyrs do, because there's (almost) always someone who'd rather we lived....even if it's only the doctor, to vindicate his treatment.

  2. Rather than consistently sign my own work, I am consistent about showing the author of other people's poems and songs (except in cases like folk songs, where authors are not always known).

    I've got your number, though--you like me to not be long-winded! People have been like that since I was three years old and I haven't shut up yet!


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