Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hoot Honk

I don't want to Twitter or Dither or Blabber
Unless someone is listening and might respond.
They can bark back,
Or meow like a catbird in the tree,
Or try to sound like a stringed instrument
Or a strangled fart in an oil drum
Or anything else that's goofy, but
Just sitting there on their dead ass won't do!
Ain't that a hoot?


  1. Hmmm - I had to catch up on your last three posts
    today...LOL! You morphed from lusty to sensitive to....well, curmudgeon. Nothing if not versatile, eh, Ron? I like sensitive best, by far.

    Do I sound like a stringed instrument? - Banjo, I reckon.

  2. Whatever you sound like, I imagine you to be relalted to the catbird. That bird not only makes a meow like a cat, but will get so excited by it that it answers me (humans in general) back. One can go on calling to it and getting responses for as long as you don't think the neighbors are going to have you committed!


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