Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Local Murders

I was thinking back about a Texas murder that took place some years ago where David Travis and his wife were stabbed to death by the teenage son and the son's best buddy, both boys 16 years old. In the process, young Bill made a small error and also killed his best friend. Oops. So he was very tired after so much work and he went to bed and stole the family truck the next morning.

I had known David a little in high school long ago, though the most I had to do with him these days was that I sometimes shopped at his family hardware store. So, earlier today, I thought that I could just look up the gruesome story on the Internet, but boy was I wrong. You can find pictures of pimples on a gnat's ass on the Web, but not that creepy murder story! A single website quoted from a book about the Mall Of America (which had been the murderers original destination after the murders) and there was a couple of paragraphs on Bill Travis there. I guess the kid is still serving life in prison somewhere in Texas... If not, I recommend we keep a really tight asshole!

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  1. I found a little more info that showed young William still in prison 14 years later. A "release" date of 2034 was shown, though I thought he was given "Life" in prison. Maybe that's all that "Life" is, by Texas prison definition. He's a very educated man now, made so at the expense of Texas citizens (in every sense of the word).


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